Path to Sourdough Mastery by Aysha Tai

Path to Sourdough Mastery

From Complete Beginner, to Making Soft, Airy Sourdough Bread on a Schedule that YOU control.

Here's what you'll learn:

airy, soft sourdough

Never put up with dense brick-like bread again; you'll learn the secrets to a softer crumb

Consistent Results

Steps to make sure you know exactly what results you'll get, every single time

control your schedule

Learn how to manipulate the sourdough process to easily fit into your busy lifestyle

You'll Also get:

Step by Step learning

A 5 Module video course broken down into small bite sized lessons for easy learning

bread that's right for you

I'll show you how to create your own bread process. One that's just right for you

self paced course

There's no rush. I'll give you lifetime access, including any updates at no extra cost

Why We're Different

The Path to Sourdough Mastery course is not about following a recipe. 
I put the power back into your hands by teaching you how to develop a bread process that suits your needs and your schedule.
This step by step approach will take you from the basics, to adding more advanced techniques as your knowledge and confidence increases.
You'll improve your skills each and every time you bake, until you are well on your way sourdough mastery.
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Mili's First loaf...

"I don't know if you can sense my excitement through this email but I am super thrilled!!! I baked my first loaf last weekend and I think it turned out pretty husband is just thrilled and absolutely loves it!!" 

Haajra's First loaf...

"We don't buy bread in our house anymore, we love the sourdough. We make 2 loaves a week but it's not enough!"

Roberts First Loaf...

Robert sent in this picture of his first free form loaf. His next one will be mixed with Einkorn flour, as he really enjoys the flavor of Einkorn.

My Biggest Struggles with Sourdough...

starter on wooden spoon.jpg 93 KB

I'm Aysha, founder of, and creator of Path to Sourdough Mastery. Here's why I created this course... 
I wasn't always good at baking sourdough bread...I used to jump from recipe to recipe in the hope that I would magically know what I was doing. I used to feel:
  • overwhelmed
  • frustrated
  • and confused
but I didn't want to give up. Sourdough bread happened to be the only bread that my body could tolerate, and I wanted to be able to enjoy bread again, so I persevered. 
  • I made all the mistakes
  • took all the wrong advice
  • and thought that finding the right recipe was the answer
And of course, this wasn't the answer. What was missing was that I didn't have a mentor showing me step by step how to begin understanding how sourdough works, and when I should start moving onto more advanced techniques. This amounted to:
  • wasted time
  • wasted effort
  • wasted ingredients
and most of all, disappointment with myself.
I wanted to be able to share beautiful artisan sourdough bread with neighbors, friends and family.
I ended up stuck for a long time and ended up figuring things out the hard way.

That's when my idea of Path to Sourdough Mastery was born. I wanted to help others learn sourdough the smart way.

A step by step video course that walks you through becoming a better sourdough baker in stages. This means cutting out all the overwhelm, saving time and frustration, and most importantly, getting results!
I want you to:
  1. Get airy, soft sourdough bread
  2. Get consistent results
  3. Fit sourdough into your busy life
Path to Sourdough Mastery gives you the fastest route possible to perfecting sourdough bread. 
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Do I have to buy any special equipment to do the course?

The essentials needed to complete the course will be things you probably already have in your kitchen. Things like a mixing bowl, some flour, a jar, and a loaf tin. 
There's a whole lesson dedicated to this, where we will discuss any extras and how to use alternatives if you don't have them.

I already have a sourdough starter, will I have to make another one from scratch?

Nope. You can continue using your own starter, but it's still a good idea to go through each lesson in order. It'll help ensure we're all on the same page throughout the rest of the lessons.

Can I use any type of flour for making sourdough?

We have a whole module dedicated to using different flours in sourdough bread. This is particularly useful for those of us eating sourdough to improve digestive health.
But we will also discuss what flours you can use, if you can't get a hold of the less common flours that we talk about.

How Long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course for as long as the course remains running, including any updates that are made!
The course is self paced, so you can take as long as you need to, and access lessons as often as you'd like.

Will I have mastered sourdough bread by the end of this course?

The course is designed to take you step by step, from beginner to sourdough mastery. I teach you the skills and knowledge you need, to start thinking like a sourdough boss. 
Mastery comes from practice, experience and patience. 
You'll have enough knowledge under your belt from the course to be well on your way to perfecting sourdough bread, but no results can be guaranteed.

Do you offer refunds?

I hope you'll love the course, but in the rare case that you are unhappy, I will do my best to fix what is wrong. 
If you still feel you would like a refund, contact our customer service and they will be happy to assist you as long as it is within 14 days of purchase.

What if I get stuck or need help?

I'll be happy to help you if you get stuck along the way, simply email with your questions and some photos if it helps me help you.

About Me...

I'm Aysha, founder of, and passionate about all things sourdough! 
After years of running in-person workshops, I'm excited to be able to help others discover the joy of sourdough baking online :-)